Friday, 13 September 2013

The Amazing Jane Spiro

I have been following the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things since the begining and Anna Spiro is one of my favourite interior designers.
It was delightful to see how her style evolve through the years and how she grew as an interior designer. Now she is one of my favourite and I feel influenced and inspired by her. But this post isn't about her or her work, it is about Jane Spiro.
 Anna wrote several times about the love and admiration she feels for her mother, her style, how she loves blue and white and said, time and again, how she inspires her in her work but  reality is beyond my imagination.
  I was lucky to discover Jane trought Anna Spiro's Instagram and I am fascinated about her since then.
 I love her mouth-watering recipes,
 The pictures she takes around her house of fresh fruit, beautiful flowers arrangements and  blue and white ginger jars makes me want to pick up my brushes and start painting.

More than a charming lady with an incredible good taste Jane Spiro is an artist.
I don't know if she is going to read this one day but I hope she doesn't mind that a stranger who lives in the other side of the world has dared to wrote a post about her.
  Jane Spiro, you are amazing and I love to see the world throught your eyes!
Thank you so much for sharing


  1. Heavens above Sofia I am amazed that you are amazed ....
    Thank you for your tribute ...
    I have read your words and here we are pleased that you like the things that I like and will be conscious of you seeing my world through my eyes when I take my next photo ...anxious about the pressure ...Are you on Instagram ? if not please join as it is the easiiest thing to do and we can then talk ....Let me know ...
    best regards
    Jane Spiro

    1. This tribute came straight from my heart and I am very happy that you read it.
      Beauty moves me and there is beauty in all your pictures even when it's a snapshot of a trivial or not so interesting object.
      You don't have to feel anxious or pressed, you just have to be yourself because there is art in everything you do.
      Thank you for beeing so inspiring:)
      I don't have Instagram yet, I am not sure if it is due to lazyness or lack of time but, if you don't mind, meanwhile, I will be seeing yours from far away ( I live in the other part of the globe and, as you can easily see, english is not my mother laguage and sometimes it is an handicap when it comes to leave a comment or interact).

      Thank you for being such an incredible source of inpiration.
      You are really amazing Jane Spiro.